t all began in a blizzard on his way to see the Grateful Dead in Philadelphia. Twenty seven years later, in 2009, Howard "Catfish" Weiner's road rhapsody landed him in Las Vegas for his 100th Bob Dylan show. Tangled Up In Tunes is the memoir of how 300 nights with Dylan and the Dead changed his life. A ramblin' man seeking identity in conformist times, Catfish clung to the music that inspired him. As an eyewitness to a legacy of historical performances, Catfish delivers a distinctive tale of American spirit.
“Howard’s writing of this time period has an On The Road quest feel to it.”
Jonathan Ames, creator of the HBO series
Bored to Death; Author of
The Extra Man

"Howard Weiner's new book is a smart, funny, informative and ultimately touching accomplishment, a classic American bildungsroman with Jerry Garcia and Bob Dylan as the surprising emotional engines."
Robert Polito, author of Savage Art:
A Biography of Jim Thompson and Hollywood & God
"Howard “Catfish” Weiner is a hilarious Dylanhead with heart."
Susan Shapiro, author of Lighting Up
"Tangled Up in Tunes is a road memoir like no other...The author loves his lobsters, Greyhound buses, and's a romp through the best music there is. Memphis, Vegas, Hibbing, and Allentown are some of the stops on this never ending tour. I loved it.
                            Hamlin J. Endicott,owner Grateful Dead Books                                                     

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